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           Callname:           "Gnista"

                    Con-cordelias Serenade


                    Hips: AA

                        Elbow: free

           Eye: clear

           Teeth: Full Scissors bite

           Mental coming



   Pedigree under this text



Callname:                      "Quinni"

Dizeros A Smashing scoop    s34386/2004

Hips: AA


Eye: Ua

Teeth: full scissors bite

Mentaltest:  ok

size: 65,5cm

She has one litter at kennel Dizeros & our Olog-Hai litter

Pedigree under this text

Thank's Peder and Johan for this wonderful Female!

S34386/2004 LG
Dizeros A Smashing Scoop

S51960/98 RB
Dizeros Going For Gold

S43827/95 RB
Zeldas The Show Must Go On

S52328/95 LG
Dizeros Bumble Bee

S39788/2000 RB
Lejonbols Aurora

Rosaceae Leonurus

S26184/96 RB
Lejonbols Peggy Sue

              Callname: Leia


callname:                        " Troll"

Gep's big Bear's Herethereverywher s 26048/2002

Hips: A B

Elbow: Ua

Eye: Ua

Teeth: Full Scissors bite

Mental test: done and ok

High: 76 cm

He has 4 litters, two at Fairytroll's and two at Dizeros kennel

One at Vi-Vi in Norway

Trolls puppies klick here!

pedigree  under this text


Owner: Maria & Markus Kokk

S26048/2002 RB
Gep's Big Bear's Herethereeverywher

S13871/2000 LG
Guldfaxes Euroman Emigrant

S15884/95 RB
Varpelidens Dick Droste

S51048/95 LG
Mathoaka's Doughter Of Cheyenne

S54948/96 RB
Gep's Big Bear's Her Majesty

S12673/95 RB
Remröd's The Christmas Song

S14483/93 RB
Sjö Björnens Yasmin






callname:       Zolo              Fairytroll's Zorak Zoran  s 34228/2005


Hips: AA

Elbow: Ua

Eye: Ua

Teeth: Full Scissors bite

Mental test: done and ok

High: 80 cm